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My goal as a dreamer is to save you time so that you can live a happier life with confidence that you are not alone leaving the country you were born into in search of a new home with us, as your guide to finding your own concrete pastures.


Mr Rodger Chali

“In 1998 when I left Zambia, the country had gone under some economic hardships so a lot of opportunities were disappearing for working in the mines. You had to have a Plan B and you had to be aggressive. I’m not going to see my family suffer so I will do everything I can do to take them to a safer place.”



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Have you moved from one country to another? I’d like to hear from you. Our guests have migrated to Canada, United States and the UK to name a few.

Do you share a unique perspective on how limited opportunities, lack of infrastructure or even war has uprooted your family to seek refuge with better days ahead?

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