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Not Just Traditional Visa & Immigration Firm

Ever Been Sold a Dream by Believing that Living Somewhere Was Exactly Like What You Saw on the Big Screen


The truth is that many of us arrived to a new destination with a spirit of expectancy, feeling inspired to accomplish the unknown, full of dreams with no expiration dates on them


As reality sets in and we are challenged to navigate a new set of culture norms, deep inside we know that we will survive


The real question is HOW do we know? My answer is by FAITH


Upon Arrival Dreamer, You Are Exactly Where You Belong

Imagine yourself stepping off of the plane, at an airport where the language is foreign with so many signs that you can get lost reading them all. You have one suitcase but what really matters is what fuels your determination to make a way in a new space. You find yourself fearlessly overcoming barriers to employment, childcare, education and so much more because you are anchored and have been designed for this very moment.

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The number of amazing little humans I’ve created since I arrived in this country
The number of years since my mother cashed in on her trading business to afford me an opportunity to move from Zambia to New York City
The number of days I dream about empowering others to share their immigration story

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In New York?

Concrete Pastures can help you build the foundation for your dreams of studying in New York universities. Our expert team designs inspiring and functional spaces for students to thrive in. From tranquil study nooks to vibrant gathering areas, we create concrete landscapes that enhance the educational experience. Trust Concrete Pastures to bring your vision to life, making your time at a New York university truly unforgettable.

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